Guillermo del Toro has finished the ‘Pacific Rim 2’ script

Guillermo del Toro addressed the state of his long awaited “Pacific Rim” sequel over Twitter today, stating that both the script and the budget for “Pacific Rim 2” have been turned into the studio for assessment. “Pacific Rim 2”, which was originally slated to debut in 2017, was removed from Warner Bros.'s line up a few weeks ago when the studio announced their franchise projects release dates for “Kong: Skull Island” (March 10, 2017), “Godzilla 2” (June 8, 2018), and “Godzilla vs. Kong” (2020). 


Del Toro's completion of the script today proves that he was on schedule for a 2017 release, which could mean Warner Bros. hesitation to commit to the film stems from other reasons. Del Toro also submitted the budget today, which should help Warner Bros. and Legendary quickly assess if they are going to move forward with the film. 

Del Toro also assured fans on Twitter that he would post an update as soon as he heard back from the studio. If Warner Bros. does approve the film they could easily add it into the slew of monster films that are coming out over the next few years. We can only hope the studio's delay is because they're figuring out how to mashup Kaijus, Godzilla and King Kong, because that would be epic!

“Pacific Rim” made over $400,000,000 worldwide  during its July 2013 release. More on this story as details unfold.