Gwen Stefani is set to join ‘The Voice’ as a judge

04.18.14 5 years ago

Gwen Stefani is set to join “The Voice” as a judge
The No Doubt singer is in talks to take over Christina Aguilera”s chair in the fall, according to TMZ. Aguilera will take the season off in the fall as she prepares to give birth.

“Orphan Black” accused of stealing
A writer has sued the BBC claiming the BBC America series is based on a script he wrote in the ’90s.

“Mixology” looking good for renewal, “Trophy Wife” and “The Neighbors” are still on the bubble
Meanwhile, fellow ABC sitcom “Suburgatory” could return next year for a shortened season.

Bravo”s “Southern Charm” is a “pop culture smear” on Charleston, South Carolina
That is what one local says of the reality show, according to the NY Times, “channeling the prevailing view of many longtime Charlestonians.”

Amy Poehler: “Parks and Rec” will have a big surprise in the final seconds of the season finale
“The last minute or so of our season finale…the last moments are really important and big things happen that kind of show you where we're going and where a lot of the characters are going or shows you where they may go,” she teased. PLUS: Can Leslie Knope have it all?

Watch profane outtakes from Amy Schumer”s Aaron Sorkin spoof
Josh Charles likes to drop F-bombs.

“Lost”s” Carlton Cuse: “Social media has created this bell curve effect around finales that is really overblown”
“I can”t say that the ending of a story is always the best part of the story,” he says, “and yet there”s sort of this implicit idea that the finale is somehow supposed to be the mind-blowing best episode of a show.”

What makes “Supernatural” so enduring?
Is it the hair? Is it Netflix? Or is the “400 pounds of dude” that the CW series showcases each week?

King Joffrey”s little brother on “Game of Thrones” was killed off last season – as another character
Joffrey”s brother is teen actor Dean-Charles Chapman”s 2nd role on the HBO series. He previously played Martyn Lannister, who was murdered in Season 3. PLUS: Has “GoT” jumped the shark already this season?, Joffrey meets “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and Natalie Dormer on the Purple Wedding.

Scott Foley answers Reddit questions about “Scandal,” “Felicity,” “Grey”s” and Jennifer Garner
Foley says he prefers working on “Scandal” over “Grey”s Anatomy” because “Scandal” is a regular job, and not a guest stint. PLUS: Cher sings for “James Novak.”

“SVU” boss makes the case for renewal
Showrunner Warren Leight says: “We're just in that moment of purgatory – for a crime we haven't committed.”

Monica Potter: “Parenthood” is set in Berkeley – it”s about time we had a gay character
“I”m like, ‘We live in Berkeley!”” she says of this week”s episode. “Even if we didn”t live in Berkeley, I”m like, ‘C”mon, lets go!””

Heather Graham signed on for “Californication” having never watched the Showtime series
“I'm only allowed to say that I'm from David”s (Hank Moody”s) past,” who “adds a lot of conflict,” she says.

Tracy Morgan has still got it in his Comedy Central special
“Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide” shows the former “30 Rock” star at the top of his game.

See the trailer for “Petals on the Wind”
Lifetime's “Flowers in the Attic” followup is even crazier.

Religious TV has been resurrected
Programs like “The Bible” and Oprah”s upcoming “Belief” are trying to catch an audience interested in spirituality.

Stop trying to solve “Mad Men”!
All those theories are crap, says Sam Adams, who points out that Matthew Weiner has “never shown much interest in leaving clues for viewers to pore over. One of the more compelling theories about why creator Matthew Weiner is so obsessive about critics spoiling minor details is that it's a way to create an air of mystery around a show that otherwise doesn't generate much. Weiner prefers genuine surprise to an elongated tease.” PLUS: Should the Manson theories be taken seriously?, Vincent Kartheiser has stopped taking buses to the “Mad Men” set, Kartheiser started watching “True Detective” with Episode 7, costume designer Janie Bryant talks about Peggy”s power suit, all the ’90s and ’00s TV stars who”ve appeared on “Mad Men,” why “Mad Men” needs Sally Draper, and how “Mad Men” changed the way men dress.

Kristen Bell gets “Naked and Afraid” for Ellen
It”s one of Bell”s favorite shows.

Lindsay Lohan explains why she doesn”t wear a bra on “Lindsay”
Turns out she hates wearing bras, as she told Andy Cohen while wearing a bra.

TV is showing relationships that are more complicated
From “Game of Thrones” to “Elementary,” says Mary McNamara, “television is making room for relationships that side-step easy sentiment to explore the other ways in which we bind ourselves to each other.”

Check out “Cook Smart,” Alton Brown”s “Good Eats”-like web series
The Food Network star had said his former show might return in a different capacity.

Tori Spelling”s husband is reportedly upset his name isn”t in “True Tori” title
Dean McDermott, who”s at the center of the reality show, allegedly “feels betrayed.”

Dennis O”Hare reveals details of his new “American Horror Story” character
“We”ll have lots of scenes with each other, but we”ll be battling,” he says of him and Jessica Lange.

Zac Efron drops his pants for “Workaholics”
Efron and Seth Rogen dropped by the set to promote their new movie “Neighbors.”

Billy Crystal”s “700 Sundays” gets an HBO showcase this weekend
The one-man show isn”t a “greatest hits” revue.

Watch Key & Peele on “Fargo”
The Comedy Central duo play FBI agents on the FX series.

Inside “SNL”s” makeup lab
First-year “SNL”-er John Milhiser introduces us to the makeup world of “Saturday Night Live.”

Jim Rash: I watch all the shows featured on “The Writers” Room” – but “Pretty Little Liars” proved a challenge
“I do!” the “Community” star says of his Sundance series, which returns tonight with “Scandal. “It”s a lot of weekends…Luckily, some of these shows I was already watching. I was already watching 'Breaking Bad' and Game of Thrones last year, and I was already watching 'Parks and Recreation.' But then I just do some binge watching. Now, clearly, with 'Pretty Little Liars,” there”s like 100 episodes. There”s no way I was going to be able to fit in 100 episodes of 'Pretty Little Liars,' so I just sort of watched a list of key episodes.”

BBC America tells “The Real History of Science Fiction”
The BBC-made series, airing after “Orphan Black” on Saturday, kicks off with an exploration of robots.

Food Network”s “Unwrapped” spawns “Rewrapped”
Marc Summers is back with a show that has chef contestants “rewrap” famous foods.

“Bob”s Burgers” Tina Belcher is an icon for anxious millennials
She”s dysfunctionally ambivalent, yet a decidedly moral person.

“Friday Night Lights” boss looks back at the series finale
Jason Katims didn”t shoot that final game any other way.

“Vikings” creator addresses last week”s death
Michael Hirst said he “decided quite a long time ago” to kill off that character.

“Devious Maids” is back
What will happen in Season 2? PLUS: Susan Lucci is enjoying her “Devious” work.

Whoopi Goldberg stars in “A Day Late and a Dollar Short” on Lifetime
She plays a dying matriarch Saturday in the film based on Terry McMillan”s book.

Ken Burns” “The Roosevelts”: Watch a preview
The PBS documentary series, airing this fall, will tell the story of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor.

Give credit to WGN America to trying something new with “Salem”
“Salem” does a good job reimaging witches. PLUS: It makes witch trials boring, this feels like a “me-too” exercise, and “Salem” uses 1 dress made of human hair.

Tatiana Maslany was warned “this is going to be insane” before joining “Orphan Black”
The 28-year-old actress, it turns out, can handle playing many characters, thanks to a strategy of using certain triggers that help her slip seamlessly into each role. “Last season, nobody knew about ('Orphan Black”) when we were shooting, so we kind of had this little private moment,” she says. “Now it's public and you have to sort of quiet up the noise – of peoples' opinions, peoples' criticisms, peoples' love. The pressure is people knowing about you and saying, 'OK, let's see what you can do.”” PLUS: “Orphan Black” is even clone-crazier in Season 2, showrunner planned Season 2 to “take off like a bullet” to avoid losing momentum, “Orphan Black” makes its feminist argument with flat male characters, this is a smart and challenging show, Jordan Gavaris talks Felix, and being famous feels foreign to Maslany.

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