Halle Berry’s getting nasty with a 19 year old for Paul Verhoeven in ‘The Student’

Halle Berry plus Paul Verhoeven?  Sounds like a party to me.

It’s hard to believe that Verhoeven’s last film was “Black Book” in 2006.  I may not love every film he’s ever made, but I love his energy, his wit, and his willingness to offend.  He has always loved the thrill of riding straight up to the edge of good taste and hurtling himself off into the unknown, and I miss him when he’s not working.

Now it sounds like Relativity Entertainment is bringing him back, and he’s bringing Halle Berry with him.  According to Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest, “The Student” is a sexual thriller about a 19 year old kid working an internship and his boss’s wife at the same time.  Berry is supposed to play the wife, and if I know Verhoeven, this should make her work in “Monster’s Ball” look like her work in “B.A.P.S” in terms of intensity.

It does bum me out to think that Verhoeven’s unable to get his real dream projects off the ground, so he’s slumming it with this sort of stuff, but maybe Wendy Diane Miller is some unsung exploitation genius whose script inspired Verhoeven.  I hope so, anyway.

No word on when production will get underway, but hopefully with Relativity and a star like Berry attached, we’ll actually see this one in theaters sometime in the next year, and maybe if it’s a hit, it’ll buy Verhoeven the freedom to finally make some of those long-lingering projects like his “Jesus” biopic, which I would pretty much give up a kidney to see at this point.