Happy Birthday, David Boreanaz! Remember That Time You Hijacked an Interview?

05.16.15 4 years ago

Today David Boreanaz turns 46, which I think is totally insane since he doesn”t look a day over seventeen. You may know him from his role as Angel on “Buffy”, but I really only see him as Special Agent Seeley Booth from “Bones”, the roll he”s been pulling off without a hitch for ten seasons. Quick question: How is “Seeley” a real name? One of my favorite stuffed animals as a kid was a seal that I named Sealey, so it”s hard to believe that it could also be the name of a grown man.

Okay, sorry for the quick detour. And, we”re back!

Let's celebrate this talented actor's birthday today by remembering an incredible interview he did for HitFix way back in 2014.

David interviewed co-star Emily Deschanel about her role as Dr. Temperance Brennan (another name that is hard to believe), and charmingly managed to make the interview all about himself, while simultaneously pretending that he wasn”t there. Check out the giddy adorableness: 

Happy Birthday, David Boreanaz, my new favorite role of yours is “guy interviewing Emily Deschanel while pretending to not be David Boreanaz”. 

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