‘Happy!’ Gets Frantic On This Week’s Geeky TV

Imagine, for a moment, Christopher Meloni taking your imaginary friend to a strip club. That is, possibly, the least strange concept Happy! (Wednesday, 10pm, Syfy) has touched on over the last two episodes as Brian Taylor, one half of the team that brought you Crank, has let Meloni and Patton Oswalt (voicing the eponymous imaginary friend) run buck wild through an absurd, lurid depiction of a New York underbelly that feels almost too absurd to exist. But really Meloni is the focus of all this, and should be. His ability to find the comedy in terrible, damaged people is on full display here, and in a week light on geeky TV, that’s all you need.

Marvel has most of the geeky TV this week, starting with tomorrow’s episode of Runaways (Hulu, Tuesdays.) Trading in the comic’s high-speed plot for a more complicated web of backstabbing and secrets has meant a slower start, but each story has moved faster than the last, and fleshing out the parents as actual parents, not just cruel supervillains (well, mostly), has made it a lot more compelling.

Finally, Agents of SHIELD (Fridays, 10pm, ABC) remembers that Fitz can, when pressed, beat ass. And Fitz, now that his friends are stolen and dumped somewhere in the time stream by an ancient alien monology, has a really good reason to beat ass. Although that he has to rescue Lance Hunter seems unnecessary. Come on, Fitz, that guy’s whole job is to ruin missions!

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