Forget Optimus Prime, ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Buried The Lede: Dragons

The Michael Bay Transformers films have never made a lot of sense, either narratively or visually. If you have to squint to figure out if two robots are punching each other or one robot is merely metamorphosing into its final form in order to begin punching another robot, something has gone amiss. But Michael Bay believes enough explosions can cover up any flaw, from plot holes to racist caricatures and beyond.

And for a while he was right. But diminishing (domestic) box office returns hit Transformers: Age of Extinction hard. Not even robot dinosaurs could peak the interest of American movie-going audiences (though with AoE garnering over $1 billion worldwide, the franchise isn’t exactly hurting). So how do you reinvigorate interest? Maybe add time travel? Or at least Nazis. Everyone loves to hate Nazis, right? It’s 2016, don’t answer that.

Yesterday Paramount released the trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight (which I keep trying to type as Transformers: The Dark Knight for what it’s worth) and it’s… insane. Maybe in a good way? Despite a release date of June 23, 2017 the film hasn’t given fans even a sliver of a hint as to the plot. Which means it’s up to rampant speculation to fill in the holes. In the video below, I posit Transformers is burying the lede: in their universe, dragons are real.