Harrison Ford Continues Tradition Of Getting Hurt On ‘Star Wars’ Set Doors


Some things never change. And one of those things is the vindictive nature of doors on the set of Star Wars. You might think inanimate objects can't hold a grudge, but you'd be wrong.

Disney released a statement saying Harrison Ford sustained an ankle injury while filming 'Star Wars: Episode VII' earlier this week. But the interesting bit is how he got hurt. According to Hollywood Reporter, an unnamed Bothan spy source claims Ford's ankle was injured during a scuffle with the door to Millennium Falcon*.

While the exact details are unknown, we shouldn't be surprised. Blast doors are vicious creatures that will attack unprovoked with little to no warning. Ford is lucky he wasn't this stormtrooper – the only other known victim of Blaster Door attack to survive the encounter.

Details from Disney's full press release say the actor is recovering well.

(Reuters) – Actor Harrison Ford was injured on the set of “Star Wars: Episode VII” on Thursday and was taken to a hospital for treatment, a Disney representative said.

Ford, 71, hurt his ankle while filming at Pinewood Studios in London, Disney spokesman Paul Roeder said. Filming will continue on schedule while Ford recovers.

The actor is reprising his role as Han Solo in the highly anticipated Disney reboot of the “Star Wars” franchise, directed by J.J. Abrams and scheduled for release in December 2015.

The film's plot has been kept a secret, but Abrams has said the cast will include Ford, Carrie Fisher, Andy Serkis and Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o.

The movie is set 30 years after “Return of the Jedi.”

*What exactly was going on to cause injury while boarding the Falcon? Were Han Solo and the rest of the gang making a speedy getaway up the gang plank, blasters in hand? Or was it just dumb luck? Way to fail at getting crucial details, guys. Bothan spies just aren't what they used to be.

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