The Latest ‘Harry Potter’ Mobile Game Trailer Finally Gives You Your Hogwarts Letter

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03.01.18 3 Comments

Not to traffic in millennial stereotypes, but there is a good chance that you hoped to someday receive your Hogwarts letter against your better judgment. In your heart of hearts, you knew that a plucky owl was never going to tap on your window with your golden ticket to the world of Harry Potter, but when your twelfth birthday rolled around, you popped out the screen anyway. Just in case.

Well, you may not have been able to practice Potions or zoom around on a Nimbus 2000 in real life, but Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment’s Portkey Games is determined to give you the next best thing with the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game. While it has drawn comparisons to Pokemon Go, the latest trailer makes it look more like an immersive experience that requires a little less wandering around your neighborhood.

While we don’t get a glimpse of The Boy Who Lived in the new teaser (this is your story, after all), we are treated to a better look at what the game will really offer its users. Jam City, the game developer behind Hogwarts Mystery offered a helpful synopsis:

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery features both large plot arcs and smaller stories such as relationship quests. The game features a new encounter system in which player’s decisions in both actions and narrative impact their quests, and how other characters regard and interact with them. These choices will allow Harry Potter fans to create the legacy of the witch or wizard they want to become.

This Ravenclaw can’t wait.

(Via /Film)

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