‘Masters of the Universe’ casting update: Umm, okay

I recently re-watched the original Masters of the Universe on a big-screen, and let me just say, there”s a reason that movie wasn”t a hit. The narrative is clunky, Dolph Lundgren”s acting as He-Man is abysmal and the production”s budgetary limitations are painfully apparent in every frame. While there are things to love about it — not least Frank Langella”s scenery-chewing performance as Skeletor — it sadly hasn”t gotten any better with time.

You may have heard that a new adaptation of the 1980s animated series is in the works and has been for nearly a decade, but the project was injected with new life back in January when it was revealed that Charlie”s Angels and Terminator: Salvation helmer McG had signed on to direct. Look, I get it! McG is no Christopher Nolan. But he”s made some fun films in the past; and back when his attachment was first announced, I argued that his “frothy, unpretentious” style actually made him the perfect choice to bring us a new big-screen version of a series that is undeniably goofy.

So could this thing actually make it to theaters? It appears that it”s moving closer; over the weekend, erstwhile Twilight star Kellan Lutz tweeted that he had “an amazing meeting” with McG and Mary Viola, the president of McG”s production company Wonderland Sound & Vision. While the actor didn”t say what role he was meeting for, it”s hard not to imagine it was Prince Adam a.k.a. He-Man, the blond-haired, musclebound protector of Eternia who does battle with Skeletor and his minions while wearing essentially no clothes. Would Lutz be a good casting choice? Looks-wise, yes. Acting-wise…well, have you heard Kellan Lutz is a good actor? If this is the way they end up going (which we won't assume), this thing could be in big trouble.

Here's the tweet: