He-Man starts getting real in ‘The Real Masters of Eternia’

This isn”t anywhere close to the true story about eight Eternians…

It”s been more than 30 years since He-Man first channeled the power of Greyskull. Now, the  muscleman with the bob cut is back in a “reality” show that just launched on YouTube.

In this Real World-style video that”s clearly inspired by What's Up, Tiger Lily? and Sealab 2021, He-Man, Teela, Skeletor and the rest of the crew move into Castle Greyskull and the chaos ensues. The Real Masters of Eternia is produced by Dreamworks TV and was written by Matt Levy and Alex Hoffman.

This isn”t the first time someone”s attempted a reality animated show.  From 2004-07 Comedy Central aired the show Drawn Together, which featured the voices of Adam Carolla and Tara Strong.

Check out the video of The Real Masters of Eternia