Headcanon accepted: Peggy Carter’s secret lady admirer

“Agent Carter” was a really fun show that just happened to deal with both superhuman spy shenanigans AND everyday interactions between two working girls trying to survive in a post-war world that wanted women to kindly crawl back into the Suzy Homemaker box.

But while Peggy has made friends with actress/waitress Angie Martinelli in-universe, perhaps there is something more happening here. After all, in 1946 a lesbian couldn”t exactly be overt in her attempts to woo the petite, dark, and mysterious woman who walked into her Automat diner.

Image Credit: Commander's Princess

 In the world of headcanon, one glance is all it takes to turn two acquaintances into soulmates. “Agent Carter” hands us Peggy/Angie on a silver platter. By the end of Season One, they are living together in one of Howard Stark”s many dens of iniquity. With the way Angie acts around Peggy, it isn”t much of stretch to think that when she says this:

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She really means this:

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