DO NOT PUBLISH: Headlines that were deleted after the Grammys

Put your pens away. Here are all the headlines that will never come to pass after this year's weird, chill, old Grammys came and went.

Petty Revenge: Why Sam Smith Went Home Empty-Handed

Iggy Azalea And The Forgiving Race Grace Of Grammy

Gospel Choirs: Why Are They So Under-Used

Beck Can't Catch A Break: Three Different Decades Of Disappointment

Beyonce's Album Of The Year Win: Will Her First Be Her Last?

Boy Were The Grammys Hedonistic And Godless This Year

#LeftShark Returns: Katy Perry's Sidekick Gets A Grammys Sequel

Pharrell Finally Dressed Like An Adult

All About That Brass: Meghan Trainor Wins Big For Big

Why The Recording Academy Endorsed Spotify

Redeemed! Gwen Stefani's Finally Forgiven For Harajuku Girls After Knock-Out Performance

The Softer Side Of Madonna?

Kanye West's No-Show: The Ultimate Grammy Troll

Kanye West Keeps It Low-Key After The 2015 Grammys

Taylor Swift Keeps It Low-Key At 2015 Grammys

Glad We've All Moved On From The Patriots' Super Bowl Win

Shia LaBeouf Can Be Invited Places Again

To Be Young: No Aging Rockers Sucked Air Out Of The Room, Nope, None

Why Was This Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault PSA Paired With Chris Brown And R. Kelly Wins?

'Let It Go?' Grammy Voters Said Yes, Freezing Out 'Frozen'

Rapt With Rap: Why The Grammys Aired So Many Hip-Hop Awards

Why The Grammys Aired So Many Awards

Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' Dark Horse Honor: Pop Star Finally Scores Her First Grammy

Black Keys, White Stripes Frontman Hug It Out

Why Was Annie Lennox Ever Famous

Sia And Daft Punk Seen In The Same Room Together

Christmas Miracle In February: The Grammys Ended On Time