Helen Mirren on being an action star, her craft, trending on Twitter, and ‘Red 2’

07.12.13 5 years ago
When Dame Helen Mirren discusses her craft, you listen. The actress is reprising her role of super spy Victoria this summer in “Red 2,” and we couldn’t let our interview with her end without asking a question about how she does her thing (said “thing” having led to BAFTAs, Emmys, SAG Awards an Oscar, a Golden Globe, an Olivier Award, and Tony nominations).
So, how does Helen Mirren keep things fresh when returning to a role like Victoria or The Queen or Jane Tennison? “You just have to hold your nose and jump in at the deep end and just hope for the best… and don’t think to much.” She also highly recommends being “alive to the circumstances.” 
Mirren was certainly alive to the circumstances during our discussion, and quite pleased to learn that she was trending on Twitter following a “Red 2” commercial during the NBA Finals. As for the reasons for why she was trending-her action hero nature in the commercial-Mirren told us that she was “thrilled to see Victoria up the ante” in the new movie.
Impressive, thoughtful, and considerate in her answers, Mirren made sure to give credit where credit is due, particularly in regards to the hands-on, careful nature of the series’ producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura. She told us that both films are “very much the baby of Lorenzo.”
Helen Mirren may be turning 68 this summer, and may have been there and done that, but her energy and enthusiasm were very much in evidence during our interview. They are equally in evidence in “Red 2.”
The Dean Parisot-directed “Red 2” opens in theaters July 19th.

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