Here is a very weird video of John Malkovich playing Dale Cooper from ‘Twin Peaks’

Never forget that John Malkovich is an actor who once starred in a film called Being John Malkovich, in which Cameron Diaz enters John Malkovich's head in order to have sex with Catherine Keener. He likes weird things! So it makes perfect sense that Malkovich would be like, “Yes, David Lynch, I will recreate scenes from your movies and TV shows, up to and including the Lady in the Radiator from Eraserhead!” Also, the actor was no doubt happy to help Lynch raise money for his David Lynch Foundation, which helps bring the evidence-based practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) to at-risk populations.

In the first released vignette from the project entitled Psychogenic Fugue, Malkovich plays Agent Dale Cooper, the Twin Peaks protagonist originally portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan. It's a deft, though not entirely straight-faced, recreation of the scene from Season 1, Episode 2 that ends with the indelible line: “Diane, never drink coffee that has been anywhere near a fish.” 

Below you can watch the trailer for the full 20-minute film, in which Malkovich also plays characters including The Log Lady, The Mystery Man from Lost Highway, and even Lynch himself. Meanwhile, you can check out the Cooper vignette over at the project's official website, which requires a donation to download the entire Sandro-directed movie and/or The Music of David Lynch, a live album of Lynch-inspired covers featuring contributions from Moby, Sky Ferreria, Duran Duran, Lykke Li, Karen O and Jim James of My Morning Jacket.

[h/t Vulture]