Here we go, 2015

The first day of 2015 is drawing to a close, and I'm watching my first movie of the year.

I remember enjoying “Sleepy Hollow” when it came out, and I'm struck again by how much fun it looks like both Burton and Depp are having all the way through. It doesn't work 100%, but considering how much I genuinely loathe “Alice In Wonderland,” it's hard to believe it's the same creative team a mere decade earlier.

There's a lot we'd like to do here at HitFix this year, and I am genuinely blessed to work with people who are as devoted and as hard-working as everyone here. It's been a rough holiday period, health-wise, and I've traded bugs back and forth with my kids. I'm probably going to spend the last few days of their vacation in quarantine just so all of us have a chance to get healthy.

Sundance is coming this month, of course, and we'll be there as always. But more than that, I want to reshape this blog into what I would want to read if I were simply browsing online. That means focusing and deciding what it is that I want to say and do, and with our new editor-in-chief Richard Rushfield at the helm, I think we've got a chance to shake things up. We're starting our sixth year here at HitFix, and I still feel like we've got so much room to grow. It's exciting to realize that you can constantly evolve and re-define what it is you do, even as you're publishing, because this is a living thing, what we do. We are constantly engaged with you here and on social media, and we're always looking for new ways to put our work in front of people.

I appreciate each and every page view over those first five years, and I hope to earn each and every one over the next five. How we'll do that is something we'll be working to figure out in the days and weeks ahead.

Should be exciting. Stay tuned.