Finn and Rey run, panic in first ‘Force Awakens’ movie clip

“Star Wars” fans were in for a real treat during last night's American Music Awards: not only did Harrison Ford stroll on stage to introduce an acapella group's performance of the John Williams score, but a (very) short clip from the new movie was also shown.

You know that clip in the trailers where something blows up in front of Finn and Rey, who make “holy crap” faces? Well, we got to see a little more of it.

The scene: Finn and Rey are running away from a bunch of explosions. Finn pessimistically declares they “can't outrun them,” but Rey sees a “quad jumper” and says they can get away in that. Finn, still being a downer, says they'll need a pilot.

“We've got one!” Rey shouts. But before she can say who that pilot is (I'm assuming she means herself), the quad jumper blows up, too. And Finn and Rey make “holy crap” faces.

Here it is, all 15 seconds of it. Harrison Ford and the John Williams tribute is immediately afterwards, so stick around.