‘Heroes: Reborn’: Zachary Quinto doesn’t expect to return, Ali Larter is out

(CBR) As of now, only one former “Heroes” actor is returning for NBC”s upcoming “Heroes: Reborn” miniseries: Jack Coleman, the man behind the Horn-Rimmed Glasses.

Here”s someone who won”t be joining Coleman for the show”s revival: Zachary Quinto. The “Star Trek” actor, who played the brain-dissecting chameleon Sylar for the original four seasons, says he doesn”t expect to return, in part because of scheduling issues.

“I”ve been in touch with Tim [Kring, creator] and he told me they were doing this and we left the door open for me to be involved,” he told IGN, “The trouble is really my availability. I don”t know that it would really even be possible.”

Beyond his availability, Quinto said he”s not sure he should revisit a role as iconic as Sylar, preferring to leave it in the past.

“That experience and role and opportunity really changed my life completely and sent me on a path that I might not have otherwise have been on,” he said, “but at the same time I”m very interested in forward momentum, I”m very interested in expanding and defying people”s expectations of me. I don”t know that going back to such a definitely iconic character would necessarily do that.”

Quinto added that he hasn”t received an official offer, so he hasn”t had to confront accepting or rejecting a “Heroes” return. But from his comments, it sounds like he”s leaning toward “no.”

Likewise, Ali Larter, who appeared as numerous (arguably too many) characters on “Heroes,” confirmed she won't reprise her role on “Reborn.”

“Not that I didn”t love 'Heroes' and loved working on it,” she told TVGuide.com, “but I”m just at a different stage of my life.”

“Heroes: Reborn” premieres in 2015.