Heroes vs. Villains: Round 2 Begins!

64 entered, 32 walk out.

Never have so many mighty titans fallen as we'll leave behind in Round 1 of Hitfix's third annual March Madness showdown of Heroes versus Villains.

The names of the mighty are like a Who's Who of world class goodness, and badness.  Leaving us as we move forward: James Bond, Jack Sparrow, Deadpool, The Dude, Scott Pilgrim, Dana Scully and Supergirl are just a few of those fallen warriors. 

We salute your courage. But now, even bigger work lays ahead!

Let Round 2 begin!

There will be no more easy victories from here on.  Batman made quick work of James Bond, but will he take down Han Solo quite so fast when they square off this week?

Dana Scully was no match for two time reigning champion Xena, but the Warrior Princess now goes on to meet Mr. Spock, who decimated returning titan Oliver Queen in round 1. 

Returnees Tony Soprano and Hannibal Lector will go head to head this week, as will Joker and Mystique, each of whom easily bested their first round opponents.

It's going to be big, it's going to be ugly and at the end of it in just 3 days, only 16 will be left standing in the arena.

So vote now, and vote hard!  Only you can save your hero (or villain)!

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