Heroes vs. Villains round 3 begins with surprising Xena and Walter White vs. Mr. Burns

03.25.14 5 years ago 3 Comments

This year's NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball Tournament had its share of surprises over the weekend and it goes without saying the upset bug has hit our Heroes vs. Villains March Mayhem tourney.  Did you expect Xena to defeat Jack Bauer?  Or Tony Soprano to survive The Borg? How about Superman discovering his Kryptonite was Katniss Everdeen? In any case, the Heroes vs. Villains Sweet Sixteen has some tough match ups of its own.

The biggest question of this round is whether Xena can take down the iconic Doctor Who in the TV Heroes bracket. Will the good Doctor's legion of worldwide fans let him fall before making the Elite Eight? Xena's already beaten Wonder Woman and Jack Bauer so don't put it past her.  Another match up that might go down to the wire is Walter White vs. Mr. Burns (a pick 'em in this writer's opinion). And speaking of evil-doers, how about Lord Voldemort vs. Darth Vader?  Oh, my. You've got some tough decisions to make HitFix readers.

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