Hey Now: Howard Stern’s 10 Best Interviews In 2014

Howard Stern super-fans: this one's for you.

I've been a hardcore Stern listener for a number of years now, and among his countless attributes he excels at the art of the celebrity interview. Are you hip to this? He is absolutely the best one out there. I mean it.

This year a veritable laundry list of icons made their way to the studio, from Neil Young to Bill Murray to Martin Short to Roseanne Barr to Dan Rather – and needless to say, paring it down to ten was a difficult task (not to mention ordering them!). This is how good 2014 was: only two of the aforementioned five made the cut.

Every listener's “relationship” with Stern is specific and often complicated, and in spite of my best attempts to remain objective, the list I've put together is inevitably reflective of my tastes. Can't stand Lena Dunham? You're not going to agree with at least one of these. Think the (admittedly wonderful) John Oliver interview deserves a spot? You will be sorely disappointed by his omission. Still, this isn't a definitive list! Let me know who you think should've been included (and who should've been dumped) in the comments.