HitFix Cheat Sheet: 2012 Fall TV Season

The official Fall TV season premiere week starts Monday, but if you’re still not sure what’s playing when or what show has moved from one night to another have we got something for you.

HitFix’s latest Cheat Sheet tackles the new Fall TV season with insider commentary from HItFix’s own Daniel Fienberg, Huffington Post TV’s Maggie Furlong and Vulture.com’s Denise Martin.  The trio will take you through every night of the week and let you know what shows you should really be paying attention to this season.  It’s under 10 minutes, you’ll learn something and one of our trio of experts may actually convince you to start watching “Glee” again (well, maybe not).

You can watch the cheat sheet embedded here:

From Crackle: Fall TV Preview

Editing: Michiel Thomas Camera: Michiel Thomas, James Jhun  Commentary: Jordan Kloster