HitFix First Look: ‘Amazing Race’ teams dangle high above Monaco

04.10.15 3 years ago

It's always a bit surprising when “The Amazing Race” is making its first appearance in a particular country, but Friday (April 10) night's episode will be the initial visit to Monaco for Phil Keoghan and company. [Actually, I can't say with any certainty that this is Phil Keoghan's first visit to Monaco. I just know it's his first visit with “The Amazing Race.”]

Check above for a HitFix exclusive clip of the couples dangling high above Monaco in a task that features both ziplining — It feels like we've done that at least once already this season — but also precarious wire-balancing. 

Do not watch if you have vertigo!

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Check back later tonight for my full recap of Friday's episode, which is titled “Smells Like a Million Bucks.”

And this seems like a fair time to check in to see your thoughts on Season 26 of CBS' Emmy-winning favorite…

For me, I'm appreciating the relative parity of the season. Jelani & Jenny may have won the first two Legs, but they've been middle-of-the-pack for the past few Legs. Mike & Rochelle have one hard-to-fathom Leg victory sandwiched between four times near the back of the field. And last week, Bergen & Kurt went from first to last in a distressing show of spiritlessness. 

I'm also appreciating the total lack of hatred that I have for any of the pairs, even the poorly matched couples. And since the “Survivor” season has already come down to me rooting against Rodney and Dan more than rooting *for* anybody, I appreciate that. Yes, Blair & Hayley are toxic, but they're funny and at least neither of them has said anything racist, xenophobic or spectacularly ignorant. I think I like Mike & Rochelle and Laura & Tyler and I think Aly & Steve may be growing on me. So far, there's nobody who could win who I'd find disastrous. 

So… Yay!

Again, watch the clip above and let me know what you've been thinking of the season so far!


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