HitFix First Look: ‘Man Seeking Woman’ finale goes to the ends of the Earth

FXX's “Man Seeking Woman” has its season finale on Wednesday (March 18) night at 10:30 with an episode titled “Scepter.”

Fortunately for fans of the frequently absurd romantic fantasia, FXX announced a second season renewal last week for the Jay Baruchel comic vehicle.

Last week's “Man Seeking Woman,” which FXX kept referring to as “Woman Seeking Man,” was one of my favorite episodes to date. After eight episodes of often inspired, but occasionally repetitive, glimpses of heightened romance through the eyes of Baruchel's Josh, the episode titled “Teacup” inverted the formula and followed Britt Lower's Liz for 30 minutes.

For me, the temporary swap to the gender dynamics served a number of purposes including the simple refreshing of an already-familiar structure, but a necessary ideological variation for viewers concerned that Josh's point-of-view left “MSW” occasionally too bro-y. In addition, in letting Lower shine for an episode, “Teacup” offered “MSW” evidence that she's probably ready for more material in a second season if the writers want to go that way.

Wednesday's finale, naturally, is a return to Josh-focused hijinks, including this HitFix Exclusive (for 24 hours at least) scene in which Josh and Mike seem to be getting a bit desperate when it comes to the geographical extremes they're willing to go to find a single girl for Josh.

Check it out.