‘Honest Trailers’ reminds us why we never saw ‘Pixels’

Can you believe it”s been almost a year since the Adam Sandler movie Pixels came out and garnered just 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes” “splat-o-meter?” More importantly, can you believe that it actually did ok at the box office despite not breaking even in the U.S. (thank you China, Mexico, and Germany)? Well, anyway, the long overdue “Honest Trailer” of the video games-based flick is out. And it”s a significant upgrade over the film itself.

The booming announcer voice from “HT” reminds us that Sandler is up to his very, very old tricks in a movie with a decent premise. He goes on to remind us that Sandler hasn”t made a funny movie since… err…

“Watch Sandler finally break new ground where, instead of telling a story of a schlub dating out of his league, he gives you three different love stories about schlubs dating out of their leagues,” the announcer said.

The only thing the trailer really overlooks is how much talent is wasted. Not only is Peter Dinklage an Emmy winner, but Josh Gad was nominated for a Tony and won a Grammy. But those details were probably just edited for time.

Anyway, check out the real trailer. And never see Pixels.