How Accurate is this “Bad Moms” Trailer?

Technically, I”m not a mom. I am a parent, however, and I must say, this trailer is a solid depiction of parenthood in the the modern era. Not only do we overly concern ourselves with organic-only foods, the proper amount of screen time, and minimizing conflict, but we are constantly being judged by other parents.The pressure parents put on themselves to be perfect is enough to drive anyone nuts. 

That is to say, I understand why Mila Kunis blows her lid in Bad Moms.

What”s interesting to me about the execution of Bad Moms is that it”s not about women who are bad at raising their kids; they are simply rejecting the standards of their fellows moms. It”s a key distinction to make, and it allows us to really root for these characters. It”s obvious that Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn have killer comic timing. I could watch the scenes with the “uni-bra” fifteen times (and I did.)  But don't forget Christina Applegate, who has been doing comedy since the early 90s and is consistently underrated. I love the bit with Mila Kunis bringing store bought doughnut holes to a bake sale. It”s a relatable funny moment for any working parent, but it”s the way Applegate swipes the doughnuts off the table that transforms the scene into comedy gold. 

Also, did you know that studies have revealed that a parent only has to get it right a third of the time to be an excellent parent?