Howard Stern couldn’t help but bash Jay Leno one last time on ‘Letterman’

05.12.15 4 years ago

Anyone who knows the history of Howard Stern and Jay Leno knows that Howard is not, shall we say, the biggest fan of the former late-night host, mainly due to the latter's poaching of Howard's resident red-carpet provocateur “Stuttering John” Melendez in 2004. In addition to regularly slamming Leno on his SiriusXM series, he's taken numerous potshots at him during his appearances on “Letterman” — a tradition he continued during his final appearance on last night's episode, as you can see in the below clip (the Leno portion starts around 2:00 in).


If there's one defining characteristic that could adequately sum up Howard's “Letterman's” appearances, it's that they always felt like a takeover. Never one to go off half-cocked, he was shot out of a cannon every single time, and last night's appearance was no exception. Here he is literally smothering Dave in an attempt to steal a kiss:


I would have to say that the highlight of last night's episode was the Don Rickles segment. Still a pistol at 89 years old, Rickles' last appearance mainly involved ignoring and/or antagonizing Dave in favor of Howard, who remained on the couch for the duration. I giggled throughout, particularly when he dubbed Howard's curly mop a “trick 'r treat hairdo.” Watch it below.


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