Hunter Hayes is ready to commit in new video, ‘Tattoo’

After taking on bullying on “Invisible,” Hunter Hayes returns to affairs of the heart in the video for his new uptempo track, “Tattoo.”

Yep, he”s ready to make the ultimate commitment. No, not marriage: He”s so in love that he”s thinking about getting his love”s name tattooed on his body.

The clip, which takes place in an industrial warehouse stars Hayes, a model, and a Samsung tablet that is distractingly showcased. Hayes gives a very winning performance as his comfortableness in front of the camera continues to grow.

As with many Hayes songs,  “Tattoo,” from his current album, “Storylines,” sounds like it could be a Keith Urban cut, especially with the singing and guitar riffs at the end. He's a baby Keith.

We”re a little worried that the model looks a little too old for Hayes. That could, of course, be because even though he”s 22, he still looks like he could be 14. He”ll appreciate that youthfulness the older he gets, we”re sure.

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