‘I crave praise’: Julianne Moore gets real at the Golden Globes

BEVERLY HILLS – Julianne Moore isn't gonna lie: she really wanted this Golden Globe.

“I said to Nathan Lane, who is a friend of mine, we were doing a movie together and somebody sent me an email saying they liked what I did. And that made my heart soar. I turned to Nathan and said 'I just figured out why I do this. I crave praise,'” Moore told the press backstage after winning the Best Actress trophy for “Still Alice.” “I think we all do and respond to it. It is one of those things that just sort of keeps you going.”

Moore also spoke to the extra-special feeling of winning an award for a film that wrapped only nine months ago – an unusually short window.

“We shot it last March so the fact that I am standing here holding this talking about a movie that was very tiny and personal and got made by the skin of our teeth is amazing,” she beamed.

Based on the 2007 novel by Lisa Genova, “Still Alice” sees Moore playing a Columbia professor diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, and the actor indicated there was one characteristic in the character she found most inspiring.

“I think her presence, the fact that she managed to stay present every day,” she said. “I think one of the things that people are moved by of the story is this is a woman who chooses to inhabit her life, no matter what it is, not get ahead or behind it but try to be in it and try to connect as best she can in every single moment. That to me is truly beautiful. That”s really all we have.”

But back to what's important: Golden Globe awards. One interesting moment came when a reporter reminded Moore of something she told her at this year's Cannes film festival regarding Marion Cotillard's performance in “Two Days, One Night”: “If she doesn”t win the Golden Globe, there”s no justice.” (Notice she didn't say “Oscar.”)

“I did say that,” Moore admitted. “I was so flabbergasted by her performance and it was beautiful, and I did indeed say that. So I am very surprised.”

So how was she planning to celebrate last night?

“I am going to eat a lot of potato chips,” she said. “I actually have a couple bags in my hotel room, yeah, because I haven”t eaten since like 3:30 so I am looking forward to doing that.”