I Dare You To Watch This Three Minute Video

The Internet is a gift to humanity. Never before in our history has it been so easy to find information or connect with people who share our shameful interests. But what has been our salvation is also our destruction. 

Whereas our ancestors back in ye olden days of the 1970s could lay on the grass and watch clouds make shapes for hours, we can barely hold it together long enough to finish a 20 second cat video. WHERE IS THE HOOK GOD IT'S BEEN LIKE SIX SECONDS! we bellow at our monitors before switching tabs for another hit of sweet, sweet instant gratification.

College Humor puts our emaciated attention spans to the test, pushing us right up and perhaps yes, even over our breaking points. I dare you…no I triple dog dare you to watch this entire video. There's no gimmick, no funny reward for completing this challenge. Just the knowledge yes Virginia, you can control your impulses despite the cornucopia of visual delights of the Internet taunting you to click away.