Sir Ian McKellen Is Disappointed By Magneto’s Costume Options In The ‘X-Men’ Films

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It’s safe to say that Sir Ian McKellen owns the role of Magneto at this point. Even with Michael Fassbender taking over the character for the past three X-Men films — alongside the original in Days Of Future Past — McKellan has added Magneto to the list of his iconic roles. Still, that doesn’t mean the role doesn’t leave the legendary actor with some disappointments, both about Magneto and superhero films as a whole. While chatting with Variety at the Cannes Lions, the actor talked about the current administrations views on the LGBT community and the lack of gay heroes in superhero films:

“I wouldn’t say the films coming out of the mainstream are quite as related to what’s going on in the real world as I would like them to be…One indication of that is LGBT people don’t really get quite a big enough say. If you’re one of those initials yourself, you do notice that actually these movies are not about me at all.”

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