ICYMI: Charlize Theron wants to play Furiosa again, ‘Inhumans’ and ‘Wasp’ bumped again

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The Good: Charlize Theron is totally down for more Furiosa. WITNESS HER, GEORGE MILLER.

MTV talked to Charlize Theron last weekend, and talk quickly turned to Mad Max: Fury Road and if there might be another sequel

“I would love to bring her back to life, are you kidding?… To have people react to something like that where you went and worked your balls off (laughs), it”s really, really nice, it kind of just puts everything into perspective. I can see how people are responding to her and I look at my little girl and I”m like, ‘Yeah I”d love to play this woman again, definitely.””

The Bad: Inhumans is pushed back again!

The Royal Family just can”t catch a break. Collider caught up with Kevin Feige to ask if adding new films to the MCU had caused a release date shuffle. Turns out…yep.

“Since we made our initial phase three announcement, we added Spider-Man, which was a big joyous coup for us. We added Ant-Man and the Wasp, which was a big fun continuation of that story for us. Walt Disney Company has announced an Indiana Jones film for right around that same time. So I think it will shuffle off the current date that it”s on right now. How far down it shuffles, I”m not sure yet. (We”re still doing Inhumans) it”s a question of when.”

The WTF: Wasp takes a back seat to Ant-Man…AGAIN

We know Wasp will be the first woman superhero to co-headline her own film when Ant-Man and the Wasp hit theaters. But according to Slashfilm we almost saw Hope suit up much soon. In Captain America: Civil War. The idea was scrapped, though.

“We did [talk about it]. Wasp was in early versions of that [big fight] sequence as well, but we said, ‘We want to save that for Ant-Man and the Wasp,” because that”s so much what the movie is going to be about: her as a hero. We also wanted… Joe and Anthony [Russo] said they needed something big to turn the battle, and that just seemed like the greatest way to do that.”

At least they thought about it, right? Right? Sorry guys, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.