IDW celebrates multiple upcoming projects for Judge Dredd

(CBR) Saturday afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego, IDW Publishing and “2000 AD” publisher Rebellion came together to hold a joint panel celebrating all things Judge Dredd.
The panel, moderated by Judge Dredd historian Douglas Wolk, consisted of Ulises Farinas ( “Judge Dredd: City of Courts” artist), Duane Swierczynski (IDW’s “Judge Dredd” writer), Henry Flint ( “2000 AD’s” “Judge Dredd” artist), John Higgins (“Judge Dredd” & “Before Watchmen” artist), Chris Ryall (Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing), Ben Smith (publishing manager for Rebellion), Michael Molcher (PR coordinator for Rebellion) and Keith Richardson (graphic novels editor for Rebellion).
Chris Ryall started the panel saying that “2000 AD” should have won the Eisner Award for best anthology the previous night, the award instead going to “Dark Horse Presents.” “‘2000 AD’ has been such a great anthology for so long that their recognition is far overdue,” Ryall said. “One of these days!”
Wolk then took charge of the panel to walk the crowd through current and upcoming projects.
Swierczynski revealed his upcoming “Into the Cursed Earth” story beginning in IDW’s “Judge Dredd” #9 will heavily feature the new mutant character Dannn [sic], who uses his three eyes to see three potential futures: bad, worse and bizarre. “He’s Dredd’s unlikely partner in his upcoming adventures.”
Dredd will also visit a twisted amusement park in the storyline, which is Swierczynski’s homage to noir crime writer Daniel Woodrow. “It’s my tribute to him. It’s backwoods noir stuff,” Swierczynski said. “There is one thing sequence which poor Nelson [Daniel] had to draw which I’m pretty sure any search he did online for research got him on the NSA watchlist.”
A cover image was shown with Swierczynski’s version of classic UK Judge Dredd villains the Angel Gang, including leader Mean Machine.
Another upcoming IDW Judge Dredd project is “Mars Attacks Judge Dredd,” by “2000 AD” Dredd writer Al Ewing and “Hitman” artist John McCrea. “Greg Staples did this image for [a variant cover of] ‘Mars Attacks Judge Dredd’ and everybody was like, ‘Oh my god, that is so good. We should do this as a series,'” Ryall explained. “So we are doing this as a series. We listen to our fans.”