If you only see one horror movie this month it should be…

What's the one horror movie you should watch in the month of August? Funny you should ask! 

I should note upfront that the film I'm about to recommend is certainly not for everyone. It is brutish, nasty and boasts a horrifying scene involving a turkey baster that may have you heading for the exits. 

If all of that sounds up your alley, then you're in luck! As an exercise in pure terror, Fede Alvarez's Don't Breathe is very, very effective at what it does. Also: Jane Levy — who also starred in Alvarez's Evil Dead remake — is one hardy individual. Respect.

In the video above and below, I speak with Fandemonium host Miri Jedeikin about the upcoming film and simultaneously try to warn her away from it. It really is that kind of movie.

Don't Breathe is in theaters on August 26.

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