‘Independence Day’ sequel resurrects Brent Spiner from the dead

“Independence Day 2” is still shrouded in mystery. When will the sequel take place? What is the plot? How many aliens survived the crash landing of their ships and was there a protracted land war for dominance?

One question fans didn”t know they had has been answered. Brent Spiner”s character Dr. Brakish Okun has returned. Spiner left an ominous message on Twitter for fans. Is Dr. Okun okay or has he been co-opted into the alien collective?

Via Twitter

When a stalwart fan pointed out the obvious – Dr. Okun died – Spiner cryptically replied.

Via Twitter

Well, that doesn”t sound good. Without a plot synopsis, fan imaginations can run wild. Will Dr. Okun appear in flashbacks? Is ID2 actually a prequel? Or is something more sinister afoot?

”Independence Day 2” is currently slotted for a June 24, 2016 release!