‘Ask Drew’ looks forward to ‘Inherent Vice’ as the fall’s must-see movie

Yep. Still no facial hair.

Some of the mail you guys sent about the new aesthetic choice I've made regarding my chin was charming, some of it was hilarious, and some of it was downright creepy. I treasure it all.

That last episode sort of winded me. Then we got caught up in a couple of very busy weeks. And now I'm leaving for Toronto, where I'm going to be working non-stop until September 11th, with something like 28 reviews and/or interviews scheduled for that time. We wanted to make sure that we got one more “Ask Drew” delivered to you before I hit that plane at 6:00 AM, and once again, you guys sent us a strong set of questions to pick from.

I apologize in advance. I may have said “screw you” to the gentleman who sent in this week's Movie God. Purely involuntary, I assure you. I'm sure you are a tremendously good person, and you just happened to come up with an ugly head-to-head match-up that will no doubt make half of you question my sanity.

There's one question in particular that I want to focus on this week, though. I was asked about offering up a list of essential films as a syllabus if I were teaching a class on film. I've flirted with several different versions of this already here on the site. There was the Motion/Captured Must-See Project, and we also kicked off The Basics with a special List Of Duh. I'm curious to see how many of you would want a sort of searchable list like that with reviews for all of the films. I think there would be real value in something like that, something that I could link out to any time those movies came up in reference, but in order to even begin a project like that, I'd want to know it was something that more than one person is interested in. Film Nerd 2.0 (the latest edition of which just went live) is another attempt to discuss how you introduce film to someone and how you can approach the larger messages and ideas that are conveyed.

Is that a conversation you guys would want to have, and in what form?

We'll shoot the next “Ask Drew” on September 16th, so make sure you send your questions by then to video@hitfix.com, and as always, thanks for your participation.