‘Inhumanity’ replacing Matt Fraction with Charles Soule

(CBR) Upcoming Marvel Comics ongoing series “Inhuman” has a new writer: Charles Soule, taking over from Matt Fraction. Joe Madureira remains as series artist. “Years ago, young(er) Charles made up a list of Marvel characters that would be a blast to someday write — my Marvel Dream Team, basically — and the Inhumans were on that list,” Soule said in Marvel statement released Monday. “So getting an opportunity to work with those awesome, strange, classic characters, as well as to expand the existing mythology into cool new places is pretty extraordinary.”
One of the mainstream comic book industry’s biggest rising stars, Soule already writes “Thunderbolts” and the February-debuting “She-Hulk” for Marvel, along with “Superman/Wonder Woman,” “Swamp Thing” and “Red Lanterns” at DC Comics, and “Letter 44” at Oni Press.
“As soon as I read Charles” first ‘Thunderbolts’ script, I knew he was going to be a star,” Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said in Marvel’s press release. “His pitch for ‘She-Hulk’ proved that he thought big and would bring a lot to the world-building of ‘Inhuman.'”
“Inhuman” was originally scheduled to debut in January, before the launch was delayed three months to April 2014. Existing orders for the first two issues were canceled, and will be resolicited. No explanation has been given by Marvel for the switch.
“I can’t get into the specifics of the delay just yet,” Alonso told CBR. “Expect more info soon, but I will say that it won’t affect anything. The story told in ‘Inhuman’ — while super-important to the future of the Marvel Universe — is not time-sensitive. Our plans for the Inhumans are long-term and far-reaching. They are extremely strong characters with a rich mythology that we intend to mine for decades to come, so we’re in no rush to tell any one aspect of that story.”
Marvel first announced Fraction and Madureira’s “Inhuman” in July, as a centerpiece series in the publisher’s current “Inhumanity” status quo. “Inhumanity” follows the events of recently wrapped event story “Infinity,” with thousands of latent Inhumans seeing their powers suddenly activated as a result of a Terrigen Bomb explosion.