Insanely devoted fans are trying to crowdfund life-sized ‘Lord of the Rings’ city

Move over Stephen Colbert, there”s a new “Lord of the Rings” king in town. Right now on IndieGogo, a gentleman named Jonathan Wilson is trying to raise enough funding to build a life-sized, functioning replica of Gondor”s capital city – Minas Tirith.

He only needs approximately $3 billion. Seriously.

Image Credit: New Line Cinema

Wilson has gathered a self-described “ambitious team” of architects and engineers who are eager to build Peter Jackson”s version of Minas Tirith in all its shining glory. If the funding goals can be met, the idea is to build a complete city, not just a tourist destination. Wilson”s team hopes to create both residential and commercial properties in one of two scouted locations in southern England.

Interested in helping fund this aggressively optimistic enterprise but worried it”s a scam? The crowdfunding attempt is set as a “Fixed Funding” event by IndieGoGo. This means if the goal isn”t 100% met, money will be refunded to all contributors. Wilson acknowledges this will most likely be the case, but you can”t succeed if you”re not even willing to try.

And if they do succeed? Funding will be broken down into land, labor, and material. Remaining funds will be funneled into an account to pay for maintenance and public services until 2053. You can find out more – including the perk levels for donation tiers – over here.