Interview: Mary Lambert on making Keith Urban cry

Mary Lambert”s new video for  her poignant, powerful “Body Love”  truly celebrates all shapes and sizes.

“Gay rights and body acceptance are two things I feel very passionately about,” the “Same Love” singer told us on the red carpet at the ASCAP Awards, April 23. She felt so strongly about making sure the message was correct that she co-directed the “Body Love” clip herself with Jon Jon Augustavo (who helmed the “Same Love” music video).  “There was an element that I absolutely needed to have and that was the mother/daughter aspect. That a lot of what we encounter and how we view our bodies is generational.  A lot of times you watch your mother self-deprecate in front of you and you internalize that.”

Lambert is now bitten with the director bug, but “songwriting and music is my core right now and what I want to focus on, but I have a lot of aspirations.”

She still gets a smile out of the fact that the camera caught Keith Urban shedding a tear during the emotional same sex and opposite sex mass wedding that took place at this year's Grammys, as she and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed “Same Love.”  The song continues to touch people and Lambert continues to hear stories about how the song has affected them. Here she recounts a touching story about someone”s coming out journey.

Lambert also talks about her new album, coming out this summer. She wants to increase her commercial appeal.  “I want to hear these songs on the radio. I want people to sing them, but still put a positive energy out in the world.”

Lambert released an EP, “Welcome to the Age of My Body” in December.