Introducing HitFix Oscar Picks!

We’ve been teasing a new feature here at In Contention for a few months now and I’m happy that we can finally lift the veil on HitFix Oscar Picks!

Some of you may have already given this a test drive as we’ve worked out a few kinks in the technology, but in a nutshell, this is your chance to go on the record yourself. Many of our readers have expressed interest over the years in things like message boards, etc., largely for the purposes of recording Oscar predictions. We all like to make our picks and share them with like-minded Oscar-obsessives, so now you have an opportunity to do just that.

First thing is first, though. In order to participate, you’ll need to register with HitFix. This is an extremely painless process so knock that out first and catch up with us.

Alright, next, you’ll want to click the HitFix Oscar Picks logo located in the right sidebar just above In Contention’s official Oscar predictions. That will take you to a page where things should be fairly self-explanatory, using our drag-and-drop system to sort and rank your picks throughout the various categories. (Note: Best Original Song, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Documentary Feature will be available at a later date.) If you encounter any snags along the way, do let us know.

Once you’ve got your picks set, remember you can access and change them throughout our contenders section. Each category (which you can reach by clicking on corresponding category photos all the way down the sidebar) now features a link inviting you to pick your own contenders.

So what are you waiting for? Get started and make your HitFix Oscar Picks today!