Is Aaron Sorkin not interested in doing a 3rd season of ‘The Newsroom’?

08.30.13 6 years ago

Is Aaron Sorkin not interested in doing a 3rd season of “The Newsroom”?
Sorkin said last week he’s been offered a 3rd season, but so far HBO — which often renews hit shows early — hasn’t ordered a renewal. Could Sorkin be too busy for his HBO show? PLUS: “The Newsroom” is much-improved this season.

J.J. Abrams to remake the 1973 Yul Brinner film for HBO

“The Dark Knight” and “Person of Interest” writer Jonathan Nolan is set to write the remake.

Leah Remini will be “Ellen’s” 1st guest of the season
It will be Remini’s first TV appearance since leaving Scientology.

“Mad Men’s” Ben Feldman joins “The Mindy Project”
He’ll play a writer who’s Mindy’s latest love interest.

Go behind the scenes with Bill Murray on Letterman’s 20th anniversary

“Let’s go, Biff,” he said backstage. PLUS: Letterman’s wildest interviews, and 10 of Dave’s trolls.

Not everybody can stomach “Breaking Bad”
Joel Mathis made it halfway through Season 2 before stopping. “Each and every episode that I’ve watched has filled me with increasing dread,” he says. “I don’t feel enlightened or informed or entertained when I watch an episode: Mostly I get a tummy ache. You’ve heard of ‘cringe humor,’ the way Larry David can make you laugh and be appalled at the same time? Well, for me, Breaking Bad is ‘cringe drama.” PLUS: Walter White meets “Game of Thrones,” see “Breaking Bad” characters as ghosts, inside the music of “Breaking Bad,” and why Walter didn’t film his confession on a smartphone.

“HIMYM’s” mom struggled with driving in L.A.: “I was almost arrested for drunk driving”
Cristin Milioti says she got four parking tickets her first week. And then, there was the DUI accusation. When she was flagged at a DUI checkpoint, she failed the sobriety tests — but was saved by blowing a 0.0 on two breathalyzers.

FXX channel launches on Monday
FX’s comedy spinoff debuts with a “Parks and Rec” marathon.

New book provides an oral history of ’90s Nickelodeon
Read 10 fascinating facts from “Slimed! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age,” due Sept. 24.

Showtime to air Jay-Z’s “Made in America”

The Ron Howard-directed documentary covers last year’s Made In America festival.

“Chicago PD” adds “The Killing’s” Elias Koteas

He’ll play an undercover detective.

Lindsay Lohan recalls working with Bill Cosby
Check her out in a 1995 Jello ad.

Book takes us “Inside the Food Network”
Allen Salkin’s book even takes you inside Paula Deen’s N-word controversy.

Watch the “Bones” Season 9 promo

here’s your first glimpse of Freddie Prinze, Jr. as a CIA agent who shares a history with Booth.

Teresa Giudice asking for money for her legal defense fund

The “Real Housewives” star is getting desperate.

Check out “Haven’s” comic book

The Syfy series is tiding over fans until Season 4.

Netflix fans should be grateful to cable
As Derek Thompson points out, “just about everything that you love about Netflix (its affordability, its variety, its ability to take risks) is made possible because of just about everything you hate about cable.”

What happened to the high school students from MTV’s 2008 “The Paper” reality show?
Did any of them end up going into journalism?

Why cable and satellite providers ask for your social security number

Even if you want to know prices, many providers these days ask for your SSN to avoid deadbeats.

Here are currently famous people you never knew were on “Friends”

From Craig Robinson to Jim Rash to Dakota Fanning and Kevin Rahm.

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham makes a home video in hopes of landing on “Days of Our Lives”

Watch her awkward audition.

Christopher Plummer gives his blessing to NBC “The Sound of Music” stars

“It was very close to the vampire life, I thought,” he says of Stephen Moyer’s casting as Captain Von Trapp.

Presenting past “SNL” writers who would’ve made great cast members
From Stephen Colbert to Larry David to Conan O’Brien.

Check out childhood TV stars as superheroes
LeVar Burton as Batman and Mr. Rogers as Superman.

Emilia Clarke remembers her favorite “Game of Thrones” Season 3 moments

Says Clarke: “One of the most exciting bits about filming Dany’s storyline is I get to look at the final product and see if my imagination was right.”

Wal-Mart gets the exclusive on Volume 2 of “The Walking Dead” soundtrack
The new CD dropped on Thursday.

“Doctor Who” comes out with a Mr. Potato Head doll

Based on the 11th doctor.

Connie Britton looks back at “Nashville” Season 1
What was her favorite moment?

Discovery explores “Secret Sex Lives: Swingers”
The four-part Discovery Fit & Health reality show, premiering Saturday, follows five couples who like to mix things up in the bedroom.

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