Is DC Comics killing off Superboy?

(CBR) During DC Comics’ just-concluded Superman panel at New York Comic Con, writer Scott Lobdell shocked the audience when he announced the upcoming death of Superboy. “[Superboy makes] the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life in order to stop the universe from falling apart,” Lobdell told the crowd, semi-spoiling the ending of the upcoming “Krypton Returns” story arc.

From “Superboy” #26 on, the titular star of the comic will be Jon Lane Kent, the original son of Clark and Lois from an alternate future. Lobdell also announced that Supergirl “will be leaving the Superman family forever, for another whole set of books in the DC Universe.” While Lobdell is known to crack jokes on his convention panels — at last month’s Las Vegas Comics Expo, he deadpanned that he had been fired from “Teen Titans” — the solicitations text for “Superman” #25 support today’s comments.

“KRYPTON RETURNS” concludes! Months before its explosion, Superman finds himself locked in combat against H”El! Can he find a way to save the planet? A most unexpected foe stands in his path: Jor-El! A hero will fall during this epic adventure!