Is ‘Louie’ about to wind up on the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ plan?

Get ready for another long break for “Louie.”

At press tour today, FX CEO John Landgraf told critics that the award-winning comedy will be taking another “extended hiatus” while its creator and star Louis C.K. focuses on other things.

C.K. is directing a movie, and is also serving as producer on two upcoming FX comedies – “Better Things,” co-created by and starring his “Louie” collaborator Pamela Adlon; and “Baskets,” with Zach Galifianakis – and, as often happens after he's finished a season of doing so many different jobs, he needs a break.

When a reporter asked if “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – where Larry David only makes new seasons when he has a good idea in mind – would be the model for “Louie” going forward, Landgraf agreed.

“Louis is anxious to take a break and work on other things,” Landgraf said. “I think 'Curb' is the right analogy. So, the truth is, I really don”t know (when 'Louie' might be back). He”s made 61 magnificent episodes of television, and we did an overall deal with him a couple of years ago and that has proven incredibly productive. There”s actually a third series (produced by C.K.) in the hopper that”ll get announced pretty soon that I think is also equally compelling. It”s really going to be his choice. He could decide to take as long as a six-month hiatus … he could decide to take a two-year hiatus and we could be where HBO is with Larry David, announcing periodically that subsequent seasons will air.”

“Louie” had already taken a year off in between seasons 3 and 4, and this season wound up being produced and airing way ahead of schedule mainly because C.K. smoked too much pot on the wrong night.

What does everybody else think? Do you want your “Louie” more regularly, or do you (like me) not want to see new episodes until he feels inspired to make them?

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