Is Rashida Jones Edgar Wright’s first choice for the Wasp in ‘Ant-Man’?

Take this one with a massive grain of salt, but Superhero Movies News has begun the rumor that “Parks and Recreation” actress Rashida Jones is currently the top of Marvel’s short-list for the female lead in Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man,” rumored to be Janet Van Dyne.

I’d love for this to be true, which is the only reason why it made today’s Comic Reel, but Superhero Movies News cites an unnamed source and it’s tough to confirm these sorts of stories — especially given that it’s not an actual casting rumor, just that Jones may be on the top of the short list. Plus, comic book movie fans are used to wild rumors spinning out of control (remember Bryan Cranston-as-Lex Luthor?), so remain skeptical until it’s confirmed by an official source.

That said, Jones would be fantastic in the role.

Opens July 21, 2015