Is Superman’s arrival on ‘Supergirl’ too late?

Tyler Hoechlin is ready to make his debut as our newest version of Superman/Clark Kent when Supergirl returns for Season 2 on The CW October 10th. But should his arrival have come a lot sooner? Check out the new teaser trailer as we discuss.

So far we know Hoechlin will be guest-starring in the first two episodes of the new season, “The Adventures of Supergirl” and “The Last Children of Krypton.” After that, who knows? Some might say Supergirl doesn't need Superman and, on the whole, I'd agree with that. Yet looking at where we are now, I can't help but think if Superman was going to appear he should have shown up a long time ago.

It's cool to see other DC Comics characters make their way to the screen but Superman is assumed to be the main draw in anything that doesn't also include Batman (and even then I'd say it's a draw). Putting him in Supergirl now certainly draws attention away from Kara, who is great on her own. This other recent Supergirl spot even reminded me on one of the Man of Steel trailers.

But in a TV universe where Superman exists, it is a bit strange to see him through texts between him and his cousin. The explanation is he's trying to let Kara become her own hero without his shadow overwhelming her, and it's exactly what Warner Bros. should have considered for the show in the first place. The best place to have featured Superman would have been early on in Season 1. It would have given the series a boost in ratings and allowed Clark to make the argument for letting her act on her own in person, giving it a lot more weight than an instant message.

Reaching out to young girls through this role has been important to Melissa Benoist and as someone who came to love superheroes through television adaptations and not comic books themselves, I agree stories like these are vital. I'm hopeful Superman's addition won't take too much attention away from the real star and get more eyes on a show that features incredible female characters and relationships.

Speaking of Season 2, Dichen Lachman (The 100, Agents of SHIELD) was recently announced to be playing DC's high-stakes gambling maven, Roulette. Warner Bros has said she'll be running “an underground alien fight club in National City and she is eager to get Supergirl in the ring.” She'll join other new cast members Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer, Sharon Leal as Miss Martian, Ian Gomez as Snapper Carr, and Chris Wood as Mon-El. Oh yeah, and Lynda Carter as President of the United States.