Is This ‘Jurassic World’ Park Map Full Of Plot Spoilers?


In case you are still disappointed 'Jurassic World' will not be making an (announced) appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year, the film's marketing folks have something to make it up to you. An early interactive marketing campaign cleverly disguised as a park map for the fictional Isla Nublar…aka 'The Island of Man's Boundless Hubris.'

Image Credit: Jurassicp2k15

On July 13th, the Twitter handle @Jurassicp2k15 was activated. Over the next few hours a slow trickle of information began to roll out. The knee-jerk reaction is to call these 'leaks' but that's not quite right.

This smacks of a viral hype machine, oiled and ready. Clearly the details revealed in this brochure are hinting as to the nature of 'Jurassic World's' story. From a list of extinct creatures who will no doubt terrorize Chris Pratt and company next year to the VIP wristbands which could be a key plot point, everything here is aimed at making us wonder what all these clues add up to! And dammit it's working. After the jump, see the amazing amount of detail that went into creating our first look at what a fully operational dinosaur theme park looks like.

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