Is ‘Westworld’ TOO sci-fi for general audiences? – She Said/She Said

She Said/She Said is a (sporadically) daily video featuring HitFix Harpy Donna Dickens and HitFix Weekend Editor Jill Pantozzi discussing current events in geek news.


Have you caught the first two episodes of HBO's Westworld? Because we're talking full spoilers today.

Not all sci-fi is easily accessible, and not all viewers are used to the slow burn of a really intricate story. Where does HBO's new series Westworld fall? You can fall really deep into an alternate reality game, but the showrunners are planning really far ahead.

Two episodes in, a large number of plot threads have been opened. Are they interesting enough for the average viewer to stick around and see how they unfold? Or is something more splashy needed?

In the video above, HitFix Harpy's Donna Dickens and Jill Pantozzi unpack whether or not Westworld is too dense for the average viewer. And don't forget to check out Donna's interview with the effects team.