It’s time to accept that Carly Rae Jepsen makes amazing music

I don't know why we underestimated Carly Rae Jepsen. From the start she's had a mature ebullience worthy of — at the very least — a third place finish on “Canadian Idol.” But since she performed the immaculate conception of the century with “Call Me Maybe,” the freshest burst of pure pop this decade, we've treated her success as a big one-off. 

This ends today.

Behold, the new single from CRJ, “Run Away With Me.” It's a dreamy '80s-ish jam, and not like all those other dreamy '80s-ish jams you've claimed to like. It's adrenalized and emotional.

Which brings me to a bigger point: All of Carly's singles have been great, and her natural charisma makes them even better. Here are some essential Carly cuts you've yet to learn (probably).

Check out, “Turn Me Up,” arguably the greatest non-single off her blockbuster album “Kiss.”

That title track is a pulsing party jam too. The lovesick swagger is electric.

That angst! That desire! That inability to stop smiling! It “Hurts So Good.”

Don't tell me you didn't kick off your Sunday shoes and jive like Elaine Benes when “I Really Like You” bopped into existence earlier this year.

What about the title track off her new disc “Emotion”? It is fire and bubblegum and boppity bops and hope and zest.

There. The new disc drops August 21. Now arrange a dance party for you and your mortal friends so you can bathe in the giggle-powered glow of divine Carly.