It’s Xena vs. Hannibal in the final round of HitFix’s Heroes vs. Villains showdown

This is it, the moment you”ve been waiting for: The final round of HitFix”s third annual March Mayhem (which, like March Madness, is packed with epic showdowns that last into April). Now the greatest of heroes and the greatest of villains – as determined by your votes in our Heroes vs. Villains bracket – are duking it out.

The Final Four gave us a close match between Hannibal Lecter and Hans Gruber. On the heroes side, Xena dominated against Mad Max: Fury Road“s Furiosa.

In the end, despite the incredible turnout by Die Hard fans, the criminal mastermind played by the late Alan Rickman didn”t make it beyond the Final Four.

So it”s Xena vs. Hannibal in the last round, a repeat of last year”s final face-off, thanks to the hardcore fans of Xena: Warrior Princess and Bryan Fuller”s Hannibal.

Who gets your vote? The cannibalistic psychiatrist or the warrior princess? Will good triumph over evil? YOU decide with your vote HERE.

The polls for the final round will close this Friday.

To see the 62 fallen heroes and villains who lost their battles in earlier rounds, check out the full bracket here.

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