Jackie Chan and John Cusack to battle Adrien Brody in Chinese actioner ‘Dragon Blade’

(CBR) Jackie Chan”s upcoming historical epic “Dragon Blade” has enlisted some A-list Hollywood talent. According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Cusack and Adrien Brody are on board to play Roman soldiers in ancient China. The website notes that, at $65 million, this will be the highest-budget Chinese-language film of all time.

Inspired by historical events, the film finds Cusack playing a Roman general named Lucius, who leads 1,000 of his soldiers into China during the Han dynasty. Brody”s Tiberius has 100,000 men on Lucius” trail. Chan plays Huo An, who teams up with Lucius to defend against Tiberius” advances.

The film is directed by Daniel Lee, whose better-known films stateside are probably “Black Mask” and “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.”

While “Dragon Blade” doesn”t have a set U.S. release date, the film will debut in China on Feb. 19, otherwise known as Chinese Lunar New Year”s Day, a huge movie-going holiday for the country.