Watch: Jackson Rathbone reveals the deadly price of giving up ‘Breaking Dawn’ spoilers

SAN DIEGO – “I really can’t say too much, you know? There’s a guy from Summit behind you with a gun.”

That’s Jackson Rathbone, the mega-hottie star of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” informing me that my life – or his, or both our lives, in fact – were in immediate danger of being snuffed out by a surly-looking Summit assassin at a Comic-Con press line. And here all I’d done was ask him what it was like to shoot the epic final battle sequence.

“He might shoot me if I say anything,” said the actor, who is probably better looking than you. “Or you. Most likely me, but he might shoot me through you, and then we’d both die.”

Never mind the fact that the film in question is the adaptation of a young adult novel that millions of people have already read – it’s just that I’m too young to die. On to safer topics.

So Jackson, tell me: what was it like working with director Bill Condon?

“Bill brought this kinda certain old-school class, and…I almost wanna say like Old Hollywood, you know?” said Rathbone, who made me quiver inside. “It’s just that kind of classy feeling that he really brought to the series, which is a nice way to close it out.”

Also hitting the carpet was Rathbone’s co-star Ashley Greene, looking absolutely hideous as she spoke with us about the “arc” of her character Alice Cullen over the course of the series.

“I think Alice had a great arc,” she told me. “You got to see the really sweet, bubbly, sassy side of her in the first few films, and then throughout the course of the series you get to kind of see her more intense side and the more vampiric side of her that is…you know, a little animalistic. And you got to see her kind of fight for her family, and the dedication that she has to them. And then, you know, I like [that] in the last ones you got to see her be that real support system again for Jasper and for Bella.”

A loose Peter Facinelli was also on hand to talk to reporters at the event, and along with offering a message of love for “Twilight” aficionados – “I wanna thank the fans for the many years of support,” he began, followed by more noises that to me sounded like some garbled message from the “Peanuts” teacher – he also went out of his way to reveal for us his favorite scene from every single “Twilight” movie. Hell, he even managed to come up with an example from “New Moon,” and lord knows that wasn’t easy.

You can check out all that and more in the full-length interviews embedded above and below! After you finish watching, sound off with your thoughts in the comments!

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“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” is slated for release on November 16.